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How to use easily smartwatch sync software 2020

Did you want to know if you can change a watch face for free and integrate a smart device on your wrist with your phone? Well, with SmartWatch Sync software you can do that! Amazing backgrounds and stylish elements of a high definition will satisfy the taste of all smartwatch lovers. This free smartwatch app lets you be the creator of the new smartwatch face by simply assembling the parts you need! Technology is improving day by day, and you should improve at that speed, and your smart device needs to be the best watch faces. Why have an analog clock for each occasion, when you can put one in total and synchronize it with your phone and have it designed to fit your wardrobe combination? The rich collection of ready-made skins packed in this SmartWatch app for Android Clothing ™ Choose square or round, define hand style, select widgets and – voila! – Prepare your own design! Download the SmartWatch Sync software right now and feel your usefulness!

Using the smartwatch sync software

Step 1 Install the SmartWatch Sync & Bt notifier
you can install it from the Google Play Store by searching “SmartWatch Sync & Bluetooth notifier”
Many smartwatch manufacturers, including Fossil, use Google’s and OS operating systems. Check your watch’s packaging and/or manual if you’re not sure whether it’s running OS.
To download the app, search in the Play Store app, and then tap INSTALL once you find it.
Step 2 Turn open your smartwatch. After some time, a message will appear on the screen.
Step 3 open setting option
Step 4 Select a language and agree to the terms
Step 5 Review the terms on your Android and tap
Step 6 Choose whether to send your usage information to Google
Step 7 select the name of your watch
Step-8 the codes Verify and match
Step-9 Follow the on-screen rules to complete the setup process

Currently, there are smartwatches of various companies viz

  • Moto 360 1
  • Moto 360 2nd gen
  • Huawei Watch
  • Asus Zen Watch 1,2 & 3
  • LG Watch Urbane
  • LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition
  • LG Watch R™
  • LG G Watch
  • Fossil Q Founder
  • Casio WSD-F10
  • Tag Heuer
  • Sony Smartwatch 3


On occasion, a watch face software takes some time to synchronize with your device. If you have this kind of problem or you are dissatisfied please contact us. If you can give us a chance to fix the problem, we would appreciate that you could enjoy a product like this, instead of expressing your dissatisfaction with bad reviews. On the other hand, if you enjoy the faces of our watch, we wouldn’t mind getting a positive review. Thank you for understanding, enjoy using our software!

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